Daniele’s Pizza Founder & Pizza Chef Daniele Colaiacomo was born in Rome, Italy and has over 25 years of experience in pizza making and has been serving countries beginning from his home in Italy, to UK, USA and now in Singapore.


Pizza Chef Daniele believes that in order to deliver a good pizza, one must have knowledge, passion and love. Without doubt, his years of experience in pizza making makes him perfect his dough with 36 – 48 hours of fermentation creating a light pizza dough which is topped only with quality ingredients as he holds firm to his standards on quality. This is passion – delivering only the best!


The love in the art of pizza making and the love of the community are truly the driving forces of this new chapterand we desire to share with you Chef Daniele’s creations and we invite you to be a part of this joy as we integrate goodness into our everyday lives.


“Take me away” concept fits anyone and is truly a solution to satisfy a craving and to a put a smile to every face be it whether you are in celebrative mood, just want to be at the comfort of your homes or whether you are at the rush hour at work.


We trust that you will be delighted once you have tasted Daniele’s Pizzas.